• What Is Hip? BHS Jazz 1 043:24
  • Groovin' Hard6:10
  • Too High5:52
  • Orange Colored Sky2:12
  • At Last4:44
  • Spain7:11
  • The Chicken4:15
  • Corinne, Corinna3:06
  • One By One4:50
  • Sick And Tired3:48
  • Second Line4:18

     Jazz has been part of the curriculum at Boardman High School for as long as most people can remember, but the momentum it has gained over the past decade is incredible.  It starts with a great schedule.  We have two jazz ensemble classes that meet everyday as part of the high school schedule.  That fact in and of itself is rare among America's school districts.  What was recently Jazz Ensemble 3 is now 2kxx (the name changes each year with the calendar!), a pop/rock band that meets two days a week after school.  2kxx's variety of rock, pop, funk, and rap is something you will not hear from many high school groups anywhere. The band plays at jazz concerts, some community and school events, and several home basketball games.  

     Jazz Ensemble 1 is our top group.  In addition to hosting the three jazz concerts, Jazz 1 performs at various community and school events. The group is compiling quite a resume' of high-profile performance venues and guest artists.  We have multiple appearances at Swing 46 and Trump Tower in New York City, bluJazz+ in Akron, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.  Click the logos at the bottom of the page for the venues.  In 2019 we did a TED talk! Guest artists over the years include, Jim Garber, James Morrison, Willie Murillo, Eric Marienthal,  Andy Martin, Bernie Dresel, Mike Tomaro, Phil Woods, Maynard Ferguson, Jack Schantz, Randy Purcell, Janet Opritza-Davis, Teddy Pantelis, and John Reese.  Among our most notable experiences are when our students got to join Maynard Ferguson's band onstage back in the 1980s, and when we were the opening act for Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band in April of 2013. In 2016 we were chosen to open for the world-famous Buddy Rich Big Band.  We won First Prize at the 2015 Hoover Jazz Fest.  Additionally, we were selected through a blind audition process to perform at the OMEA Professional Development Conference FIVE TIMES.

     All three groups play throughout the summer at local parks and arts festivals.

The BHS Jazz Ensembles

Boardman High School

7777 Glenwood Avenue

Youngstown, OH 44512